The Importance of Having a Will

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Have you ever considered the fate of your assets and possessions after you're gone? It's time to think about drafting a will. A will is a legal document that spells out your desires and instructions for handling your estate after your passing. While contemplating one's mortality is never easy, having a will in place can offer peace of mind and ensure your wishes are honoured correctly. Asset Distribution One of the primary reasons for having a will is to guarantee that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

28 February 2024

Understanding Electronic Conveyancing: Everything You Need to Know

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If you're a property owner or someone who's looking to buy a property, you've probably heard the term electronic conveyancing. But what does it really mean? Electronic conveyancing, also known as e-conveyancing, is the process of conducting property transactions, including the transfer of ownership and registration, electronically. As people move towards a more digital and fast-paced world, e-conveyancing is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. This blog post will discuss the basics of electronic conveyancing, its benefits and how it works.

4 December 2023

Do You Need a Conveyancer When You Sell Your House or Just When You Buy?

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Selling a house is just as much hard work as buying a house. You might be tempted to avoid hiring a conveyancer when selling your house to cut costs, but it is always better to have a professional by your side when it comes to property transactions. A conveyancing solicitor can play a vital role in ensuring that the transfer of property goes smoothly without any legal hiccups. But the question remains, do you need a conveyancer when you sell your house as well?

23 May 2023

Do You Really Need a Commercial Lease Lawyer?

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Entering a commercial lease may feel like an everyday decision. Unlike residential leasing, it isn't an area of law that's especially clear. Whether you're entering into a lease for the first time or you're renewing an existing agreement, it makes sense to use a commercial lease lawyer. Securing the Correct Lease The term "commercial lease" covers any form of lease that's non-residential. The overall intent is for the person leasing to use it as business premises.

19 January 2023

A Guide On How To Make Car Accident Claims

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A car accident is a nightmare for any driver. However, they can occur when least expected. Your conduct after an accident can significantly affect the claims process. Below is a guide detailing the steps to take after a car accident and how to make your claim.  What to do after the accident Once the accident occurs, you may feel angry toward the other driver. The best approach would be to control your emotions to avoid aggravating the situation.

19 September 2022

Why You Need Legal Advice As You Buy Property

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You will need legal advice as you purchase a property. It helps prevent you from making mistakes that could predispose you to lose funds or buy a property in poor condition. This extract details some of the legal advice you will receive from your conveyancer as you purchase a property.  The Viability Of The Purchase The conveyancer conducts due diligence to establish the viability of the purchase. For instance, they inspect the property for defects or construction oversights that flout the building code or necessitate expensive repairs.

21 July 2022

Critical Factors that Can Delay Execution of a Will

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How long will it take to execute a deceased's will? Probate lawyers are familiar with the question because it is common among dependents and beneficiaries. The reason is that beneficiaries are usually eager to receive their inheritance; therefore, it is understandable if they appear impatient. However, it is a probate lawyer's responsibility to inform all beneficiaries that executing a will takes time because every move must be within the confines of the deceased's wishes.

28 March 2022

Why You Need A Conveyancing Lawyer When Buying Property In A Retirement Village

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Most seniors do not give much thought to the property purchasing process as they move into a retirement village. After all, the management takes responsibility for all aspects of the purchase. However, this approach often leads to future problems since the management company could leave out vital details about the property. The guide below details how a conveyancing lawyer can help you when you are buying a house in a retirement village.

29 November 2021

Top Signs That You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Contrary to what most people believe, some debt is not bad as long as you can comfortably pay your creditors and still run your business. Unfortunately, most business owners do not know how to manage their debts and only realise that the credit is not sustainable too late. In such instances, it is advisable to hire a bankruptcy lawyer since they can get you out of your debt woes. That said, you must know when to hire a bankruptcy lawyer because waiting too long does not help your case.

13 September 2021

Reasons to Ask a Lawyer to Prepare Your Will

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If you want to have a say in what happens to your estate after you die, proper will preparation is essential. Otherwise, your state's laws will determine how your estate will be administered or distributed. While you can make a valid will yourself, it's recommended you let a will preparation lawyer handle this on your behalf. This will cost more than a DIY will due to the lawyer's fees, but it can be well worth the expense.

14 June 2021