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My son is currently on remand waiting trial. We have had a really tricky time over the last year learning about some of the things that he has been doing, but we want to make sure that we support him through the trial so that he can get a fair process. Having family on your side can help the prisoners to have an easier time at trial and can often help the lawyers to provide the strongest possible defence in court. This blog explains how family members can help to make sure that legal process goes smoothly and that the lawyers get all of the resources that they need.

The Importance of Having a Will

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Have you ever considered the fate of your assets and possessions after you're gone? It's time to think about drafting a will. A will is a legal document that spells out your desires and instructions for handling your estate after your passing. While contemplating one's mortality is never easy, having a will in place can offer peace of mind and ensure your wishes are honoured correctly.

Asset Distribution

One of the primary reasons for having a will is to guarantee that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Without a will, state laws will determine how your estate is divided, which might not be what you prefer. By establishing a will, you can specify who receives your property, money, and other assets, thus averting potential conflicts or misunderstandings among family members.


In addition to asset allocation, a will enables you to appoint guardians for your minor children in the event of your demise. By naming a guardian in your will, you can rest assured that your children will be cared for by someone you trust who shares your values. This provision offers peace of mind, knowing your children will be in good hands should something happen to you.

Probate Process

Having a will can streamline the probate process and potentially save your loved ones time, money, and stress. Without a will, your estate must go through probate, a time-consuming and costly procedure. By having a will, you can designate an executor to manage your estate, making the process more efficient for your beneficiaries, thus alleviating the burden on your loved ones during a challenging time.

Funeral and Burial Wishes

Lastly, a will can include specific instructions for your funeral and burial preferences. By outlining your final arrangements in your will, you ensure your wishes are followed and ease the decision-making burden on your family. This gesture can provide solace to your loved ones during their time of grief and enable them to honour you according to your wishes.

Creating a will is vital for ensuring your wishes are honoured after your passing. By drafting a will, you can control how your assets are distributed, appoint guardians for your children, simplify the probate process, and specify your funeral and burial preferences. While it may be uncomfortable to contemplate, planning for the future by creating a will can bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Don't delay – initiate the process of drafting a will today to safeguard your legacy and provide clarity for your family.

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28 February 2024