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Why You Need A Conveyancing Lawyer When Buying Property In A Retirement Village

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Most seniors do not give much thought to the property purchasing process as they move into a retirement village. After all, the management takes responsibility for all aspects of the purchase. However, this approach often leads to future problems since the management company could leave out vital details about the property. The guide below details how a conveyancing lawyer can help you when you are buying a house in a retirement village. 

Property Appraisal

Many seniors look forward to buying properties in a retirement village. Therefore, they are more likely to make an emotional purchase. If you hire a conveyancing lawyer, they will ensure that you get value for every dollar you spend when purchasing the house. Ideally, the conveyancer will contact management and request permission to inspect the house. The home you intend to move into could have been occupied by another person. Therefore, the conveyancer will examine the amenities and structural features to ensure that they are up to standard. For example, a house that has been in use for several decades might have a shifting foundation or water damage. 

The condition of the property, its location, the surrounding property and demand for homes in the village will help the conveyancer appraise the property. The appraisal will help you determine if the property is within its market value. If the property is above the market value, the conveyancer will make a case with management to reduce the asking price. 

Setting The Terms Of Sale

Once you settle on the price, the management company will ask you to provide a mortgage pre-approval or a confirmation letter from your bank that you can afford the property. Your conveyancer will secure these documents on your behalf. Further, they will negotiate the terms of sale. For example, if you are eying another property but are not sure about its availability, the lawyer could negotiate for a low deposit. If the house is in high demand, the conveyancer will include a gazumping clause in the contract of sale. 

Understanding The Terms Of Admission

All residents must sign a retirement village contract that compels them to follow specified regulations while they live in the village. Your lawyer will explain the various clauses of this contract to you. For instance, they will inform you about the extra costs you will pay, the services you can enjoy, how you can use the property and the process of terminating your retirement village contract. 

When you are buying property in a retirement village, a property conveyancer will help with inspections, appraisals, negotiating the terms of sale and assessing the admission terms. 


29 November 2021