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Do You Really Need a Commercial Lease Lawyer?

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Entering a commercial lease may feel like an everyday decision. Unlike residential leasing, it isn't an area of law that's especially clear. Whether you're entering into a lease for the first time or you're renewing an existing agreement, it makes sense to use a commercial lease lawyer.

Securing the Correct Lease

The term "commercial lease" covers any form of lease that's non-residential. The overall intent is for the person leasing to use it as business premises. However, beneath that overall term is a number of complex laws that identify what you can and cannot do with the property you're leasing. Once you sign a contract for a specific building, it's difficult to get out of it if you find that you can't execute your desired business practices as a tenant. Discussing your intended business activities with a lawyer and allowing them to check terms and conditions ensures everything will run smoothly. Your lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf to see if you can inject different terms to make a lease more amenable. 

Renewal Reviews

You can secure many commercial leases on both a long and short-term basis. How long your lease is may depend on how long you feel the property will match your business's requirements. You may come to the end of your lease and find that you want to renew it. It's important to use a lawyer to assess whether renewing your lease will be easy when the time comes around. Additionally, they can examine clauses such as rent reviews and help you factor them into your business model. They can also help you explore termination clauses and understand when your landlord can do the same.

Highlighting Expectations

As with any other form of lease, your landlord will have expectations of you as a tenant. Similar to residential leases, this usually means performing ongoing maintenance yourself and asking for your landlord's permission before making modifications. You should never enter a contract assuming that physical adjustments to the property are possible. Some landlords may state that you can paint and brand a property, provided you reverse the process before the lease ends. Others may prevent you from making any adjustments at all, making it difficult to make your mark on a property. Ask your commercial lease lawyer to examine the terms carefully. If the terms aren't working in your favour, they have the right knowledge and experience to negotiate better ones. 

For more info about commercial leases, contact a local professional. 


19 January 2023