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My son is currently on remand waiting trial. We have had a really tricky time over the last year learning about some of the things that he has been doing, but we want to make sure that we support him through the trial so that he can get a fair process. Having family on your side can help the prisoners to have an easier time at trial and can often help the lawyers to provide the strongest possible defence in court. This blog explains how family members can help to make sure that legal process goes smoothly and that the lawyers get all of the resources that they need.

A Guide On How To Make Car Accident Claims

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A car accident is a nightmare for any driver. However, they can occur when least expected. Your conduct after an accident can significantly affect the claims process. Below is a guide detailing the steps to take after a car accident and how to make your claim. 

What to do after the accident

Once the accident occurs, you may feel angry toward the other driver. The best approach would be to control your emotions to avoid aggravating the situation. If someone is hurt, call ambulance services and offer first aid if you have some emergency medical response skills. You also need to alert the police of the accident. Moreover, exchange details with the other driver. For instance, take their contacts and vehicle registration number. You must also call your insurance company or broker and inform them of the accident. Most insurers compel their clients not to admit liability at the accident scene.  

How to make your claim

The best approach to the claims process is to involve a compensation lawyer. Although compensation lawyers impose a charge on their services, they help hasten the process and guarantee maximum compensation from the insurance company. Besides, they make the process stress free since you can concentrate on recuperating or your daily hassles. Your compensation lawyer begins the claims process by gathering information and evidence relating to the accident. In most cases, they rely on the police report to establish that the other party was at fault. The lawyer also examines witness reports and footage from the accident scene to strengthen their case. If you were injured, the lawyer interviews your doctors to determine how the injuries will affect your future. For instance, you might need home care or rehabilitation after leaving the hospital. 

The lawyer then contacts the insurance company and files your claim. In most cases, the insurance company sends an adjuster to verify your claim before giving a response. Most insurance companies have a straightforward car repair policy. Typically, they ask you to take your car to an accredited garage for repairs. In some cases, the company could compensate you for a new car if the repair costs exceed the costs of buying a new car. If you wish to repair the vehicle in a garage of your choice, you are free to do so and seek compensation from the insurance company. However, the repair costs should not exceed the quote offered by the accredited garages. 

If you suffered injuries, your lawyer commences the negotiation process with the insurance company. The lawyer's task is to prove that your injuries are worth the amount you seek as compensation. If they cannot, the insurance company renegotiates the claim until the parties agree on a specific amount. For more information on car accident claims, contact a professional near you.


19 September 2022