Can my compensation claim be denied?

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Workers' compensation is basically an insurance program that protects employees from injuries and illnesses that arise out of or in the course of their employment without the need to file a lawsuit against his or her employer or co-worker. Nevertheless, not all compensation claims are accepted, leaving the employee injured and unremunerated. Here are some of the reasons that may lead to the denial of a workers' compensation claim. Covered employees

24 January 2017

Were Your Rights Violated When You Were Arrested?

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If you have been arrested by the police, then you may feel as if your world is crashing down around you. You may be confused, scared and annoyed at the same time, but may also be aware that you have your own rights according to the law. Do you believe that you were fairly treated during the entire process, or do you believe that you have some kind of recourse against the arresting authorities?

21 November 2016

What You Need to Know about Conveyancing When Buying a Home

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For most people buying a property is a rare occurrence. Indeed, some people only do this one time in their lives. As such, it can represent a significant risk if you try to do it yourself not only in terms of legal and financial aspects, but also in terms of emotional upset if you happen to lose the "house of your dreams." What do you need to know about the process involved?

10 November 2016

When Is The Right Time To Create A Will?


It is always said that not enough people create wills, and that is very true. One of the reasons why most people never get around to this most important task is because they do not consider themselves as owning anything worthy of noting in a will. Unfortunately, this is often incorrect. Many adults without a will own property that should be in a will. So when is the right time to prepare a will?

7 November 2016

How to Avoid the Effects of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Claim


Social media has made it possible for people to share almost every aspect of their lives with the public. If you are filing a personal injury claim, it is important to be mindful of the type of information that you share over the internet. Such information can be used strategically by the defense to harm your claim. Here are some of the ways in which social media can affect your personal injury claim, and measures that you can take to avoid its interference with the case.

2 November 2016

The Bail Process: What You Need to Know if You Find Yourself in Jail

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If you are ever arrested, the first thing you will want to do is secure your release from the police jail on bail. Bail typically takes the form of cash or property which is placed in the trust of the court in exchange for your immediate release. The court will use the cash or property as a security deposit which will compel you to appear when summonsed to court. If you fail to appear, the court will seize the money or property and take ownership of it.

28 October 2016

Tips on Winning Your Sole Custody Case

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In child custody cases involving divorced or separated parents, the rights and welfare of the child in question generally reign supreme. But not all parents are willing to share custody of their child once they have parted ways. Some file for full custody where one parent seeks to be granted the right to live with the child and make all decisions involving the welfare of the child without consulting the other parent.

27 October 2016