Supporting my son

My son is currently on remand waiting trial. We have had a really tricky time over the last year learning about some of the things that he has been doing, but we want to make sure that we support him through the trial so that he can get a fair process. Having family on your side can help the prisoners to have an easier time at trial and can often help the lawyers to provide the strongest possible defence in court. This blog explains how family members can help to make sure that legal process goes smoothly and that the lawyers get all of the resources that they need.

When to Consult With a Pet Lawyer

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You may not think that getting a pet would require the use of a lawyer, but you might be surprised to learn how many laws regarding the ownership of animals, even domesticated cats and dogs, might affect you and your pet. Note when it's good to consult with a pet lawyer, at least for a consultation, and how their services can protect you.

When you want to import an animal

If you've recently moved from another country and want to bring your pet to your new home, or want to purchase an animal from outside the country, consult with a pet lawyer. There are often certain breeds of animals that are not allowed into the country, even if you owned that pet while you lived abroad. There may also be some exceptions to these laws and regulations, such as for a sick animal that you want treated in this country. A pet lawyer can advise you on the laws that might apply to the type of animal you want to import, so consult with them especially before making a purchasing decision.

If you need a support animal

If you need a support animal of any sort, consult with a pet lawyer to find out your rights and requirements. You may be required to have the animal on a certain type of leash or lead, the animal may be required to wear a vest so that members of the public know it's a support animal, and there may also be requirements as to the animal's training and certification. Your rights as to where you can take that animal may also be more limited than you realize. Whatever the case, consult with a pet lawyer so you know how to arrange this type of pet and how to ensure your rights are protected in this matter.

Your animal has hurt or threatened someone

You may know to consult with a dog lawyer if your dog has bitten someone, but you might also ask about your liability if your pet has even just scratched someone, and if they seem very threatening. In some areas, an animal that persistently barks, chases, lunges at or otherwise threatens neighbours and especially children may be considered a nuisance. You may have certain obligations to keep that pet contained in the yard, or to take other steps to ensure the safety of your neighbours. Again, whatever the requirements, consult with a lawyer so you limit your liability, avoid fines and also avoid the risk of having the pet removed from the home.


23 February 2018