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My son is currently on remand waiting trial. We have had a really tricky time over the last year learning about some of the things that he has been doing, but we want to make sure that we support him through the trial so that he can get a fair process. Having family on your side can help the prisoners to have an easier time at trial and can often help the lawyers to provide the strongest possible defence in court. This blog explains how family members can help to make sure that legal process goes smoothly and that the lawyers get all of the resources that they need.

5 Signs You Should Call a Workers Comp Lawyer

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If you have been injured on the job, you may want to contact a worker's compensation attorney. Wondering if you need help from one of these specialists? If you meet any of the following criteria, you should consider contacting an attorney.

1. Your Boss Has Threatened to Fire You

Under Australian law, workers are entitled to protection under workers compensation schemes. If you make a claim, your boss is not legally allowed to fire you. If your boss has threatened to fire you or has coerced you away from making a claim, you need to contact an attorney. You may have a workers comp claim as well as a wrongful dismissal on your hands.

2. Your Injury Was Due to Assault

If you were hurt do to the actions of your employer or another employee, that is also a sign that you need a lawyer. In this situation, the person who assaulted you may be criminally as well as civilly liable for your case. On top of that, you may also have a right to receive workers comp payments.

3. Your Workers Comp Claim Was Denied

In situations where you have submitted a claim and it was denied, you should also contact an attorney. Attorneys who specialise in workers comp claims have a lot of experience. They fill out these forms on a regular basis. They know what the workers comp boards are likely to accept and what's likely to trigger a rejection. Their expertise can help to ensure that your claim gets approved.

4. Your Employer Doesn't Have Workers Comp Coverage

If your employer classified you as an independent contractor, you typically cannot get workers compensation through your employer, but you may be required to carry your own policy. There are a lot of gray areas in this rule.

If your boss classified you incorrectly and you believe that you should have been classified as an employee, you may have a right to make a claim. However, that can be difficult to do on your own. A lawyer can help you navigate both reclassification and the claim.

5. You Are an Employer Who Believes an Employee Is Making a Wrongful Claim

Workers comp lawyers don't just help employees. If you are an employer who believes that your rights are being trampled on, you may also want to contact an attorney. They can help you investigate the case and make sure that you aren't paying for settlements that you shouldn't be.



18 January 2018