Do You Need a Conveyancer When You Sell Your House or Just When You Buy?

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Selling a house is just as much hard work as buying a house. You might be tempted to avoid hiring a conveyancer when selling your house to cut costs, but it is always better to have a professional by your side when it comes to property transactions. A conveyancing solicitor can play a vital role in ensuring that the transfer of property goes smoothly without any legal hiccups. But the question remains, do you need a conveyancer when you sell your house as well?

23 May 2023

Do You Really Need a Commercial Lease Lawyer?

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Entering a commercial lease may feel like an everyday decision. Unlike residential leasing, it isn't an area of law that's especially clear. Whether you're entering into a lease for the first time or you're renewing an existing agreement, it makes sense to use a commercial lease lawyer. Securing the Correct Lease The term "commercial lease" covers any form of lease that's non-residential. The overall intent is for the person leasing to use it as business premises.

19 January 2023