How to Choose a Property Lawyer


A property lawyer is a legal expert specialising in the purchase and sale of real estate. The lawyer may represent either the buyer or seller during a real estate transaction. The primary reason why people hire property lawyers is for them to handle the legal aspect of a real estate deal. However, the role of property lawyers has evolved with time, and they do much more than prepare contracts of sale. Below are a few factors that should determine your choice of property lawyer.

21 August 2018

5 Signs You Need to Consult With a Family Lawyer About Adult Guardianship


Family lawyers don't just deal with divorce, child custody and related issues. They can also help you establish guardianship for an adult. Wondering if you need to consult with a family lawyer about this issue? Here are five signs that you do: 1. Your Developmentally Disabled Child Is About to Become an Adult As a parent, you have a lot of decision making powers over your children. However, if your child is about to become an adult, that can change on a legal level.

18 October 2017

When Is The Right Time To Create A Will?


It is always said that not enough people create wills, and that is very true. One of the reasons why most people never get around to this most important task is because they do not consider themselves as owning anything worthy of noting in a will. Unfortunately, this is often incorrect. Many adults without a will own property that should be in a will. So when is the right time to prepare a will?

7 November 2016

How to Avoid the Effects of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Claim


Social media has made it possible for people to share almost every aspect of their lives with the public. If you are filing a personal injury claim, it is important to be mindful of the type of information that you share over the internet. Such information can be used strategically by the defense to harm your claim. Here are some of the ways in which social media can affect your personal injury claim, and measures that you can take to avoid its interference with the case.

2 November 2016

Post Landing Services You Can Get From Your Migration Agent


Are you thinking of travelling to a new country for an extended period of time? You may be concentrating on the travelling tickets, work permits and passing the immigration department tests so that you can travel. Nevertheless, what happens upon landing in your destination? There are essential services that you need for your comfort and safety before you go about your activities. Thankfully, you can work with a migration agency that offers post-landing services that come into act the moment you arrive at your destination.

31 August 2016