Supporting my son

My son is currently on remand waiting trial. We have had a really tricky time over the last year learning about some of the things that he has been doing, but we want to make sure that we support him through the trial so that he can get a fair process. Having family on your side can help the prisoners to have an easier time at trial and can often help the lawyers to provide the strongest possible defence in court. This blog explains how family members can help to make sure that legal process goes smoothly and that the lawyers get all of the resources that they need.

How to Choose a Property Lawyer


A property lawyer is a legal expert specialising in the purchase and sale of real estate. The lawyer may represent either the buyer or seller during a real estate transaction. The primary reason why people hire property lawyers is for them to handle the legal aspect of a real estate deal. However, the role of property lawyers has evolved with time, and they do much more than prepare contracts of sale. Below are a few factors that should determine your choice of property lawyer.


When you are buying or selling of a considerable amount of property, the legal work involved might be taxing. There are instances when there are multiple sellers or buyers. Also, complications such as missing paperwork may arise. An experienced property lawyer with adequate staff is best qualified to handle such matters.


A property lawyer should be available to attend to urgent issues. The lawyer should promptly reply to your calls or emails. During your first meeting ask if the lawyer will exclusively handle your matter or other lawyers will occasionally be representing him or her. Once hired, the property lawyer should prepare a schedule for the various tasks and a deadline for each of the activities.


Inquire on what services the lawyer offers. Ultimately, you will be looking for the lawyer that has the best package. The services of a property lawyer include;

  • Providing legal advice to the client on how best to protect themselves from any liability during the sale. Property lawyers advise on pricing, zoning regulations and property taxes.
  • Conducting searches to validate the property ownership.
  • Drafting contracts of sale and lease agreements. Property lawyers also evaluate all documents to ensure that they have no errors in them.
  • Liaising with authorities to conduct property inspections.
  • Negotiating on the client's behalf to get the best terms. He or she can also represent the bank or negotiate mortgage terms on behalf of the client.
  • Liaising with the bank to finance the purchase.
  • Representing clients in court if need be.


Depending on the nature of the real estate transaction or the services you seek, the lawyer will provide a quote for his or her services. Ask about any extra costs that might arise. It is vital that you ask a few lawyers for their quotes before making your choice.

Property lawyers make the buying and selling of property easy. The primary considerations that should guide you when choosing a property lawyer are the property lawyer's experience, availability, services offered and cost.


21 August 2018