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What You Need to Know about Conveyancing When Buying a Home

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For most people buying a property is a rare occurrence. Indeed, some people only do this one time in their lives. As such, it can represent a significant risk if you try to do it yourself not only in terms of legal and financial aspects, but also in terms of emotional upset if you happen to lose the "house of your dreams." What do you need to know about the process involved?

Why You Need a Professional

A majority of people usually require some kind of finance arrangement when they purchase a new property. Consequently, there are other entities involved including banks and mortgage companies. These institutions will require you to do your due diligence and stick to policies and procedures. So that you safeguard yourself and ensure you are eligible for the money, always get a solicitor experienced in conveyancing to help you.

Not so Fast?

When you decide that a property is the one that you have been looking for, then you should know that you are protected by a cooling off period just in case your enthusiasm gets the better of you. This is usually five working days and can also allow you to perform the necessary title searches to make sure that the home is "clean." While it is possible to waive a cooling off period it's not advisable to do so, but do be aware that there may be a small penalty involved if you have to cancel the agreement. You should also note that if you buy a home at auction then you may not be eligible to take advantage of any cooling off period.

Paying the Fees

Also, be aware that there will be a certain number of fees, called "disbursements" that are paid as part of the process. These include title searches, obtaining certificates from local governments, sewer diagrams and zoning certificates. Make sure that you are aware of the disbursements payable in your transaction.

 Time Is of the Essence

You also have the right to completion of the contract within a certain number of days. If you find that the seller is being somewhat tardy, you have the right to issue a "notice to complete" which then gives the seller two weeks to finalise everything. Be aware that this can also work the other way, as if you do not come up with the amount of money required then the seller can charge you interest and can in certain circumstances terminate and keep your deposit.

Rounding It off

When everything is ready a final "settlement" meeting is called. Normally, buyer and seller solicitors are present, together with representatives from both banks. This is a time to exchange money in return for a certificate of title and any proof that the mortgage has been discharged, if this is applicable. Also this is the time when you can get the keys to the property, when title and mortgage details can be registered and the local authorities notified.


10 November 2016